Some of our customers are already working with a realtor that they have selected and trust.  If that is the case we would be happy to work with them.


If you are going to sell your existing home and don’t already have a realtor, we suggest you consider working with the team that represents us.  They are very professional and a joy to work with.  They will help you determine what your existing home is worth and the best way to sell it.


Meet Sarah Collins, Meghan Dabulewich (pronounced Double-Ov-ich) and Molly Robinson.  Call or email them for more information and ask them how they can help you sell your home.


Sarah Collins

Dabulewicz_Meghan (2)

Meghan Dabulewicz

Molly Robinson

Molly Robinson













Sarahs assistant Jack

Sarah’s assistant

315- 415-1420      Meghan

315-546-4996     Sarah

315-420-9049   Molly

CNY Key Team


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