How to Choose Your Home Builder

While it’s true that building a home is ultimately a successful fabrication of bricks, mortar, wood and other materials, the most important part of the process itself is the relationship you develop with your builder.

As you decide who will build your home, take the following questions—and the answers provided by your builder-prospects—into consideration.

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Ask Potential Builders…
… the following questions as they pertain to your interests.

How much experience do you have building homes in my price range?

Mark Harrington and Michael Pettinato have more than 35 combined years experience building homes from $225,000 and up.

We are already working with a realtor. Do you work through realtors?

Yes, of course we do. Most of our clients are referred to us by their realtors. 

During the building process, do we work directly with you, or do we have to work through a middle person?

You will work directly with the Harrington team of professionals. Learn more about our team approach here.

We purchased some land on which to build our home. Can you build on our land?

Yes – we are specialists at building “offsite.” More than 20% of our homes are built on lots owned by customers. If you are thinking of building offsite, but have not yet chosen your lot, we would be pleased to help you choose the lot that would best accommodate your choice of plans.

Can you help us find a good lender to finance our mortgage?

Yes – Harrington works with a number of excellent lenders with flexible programs. We can refer you to lenders who are most likely to provide you exactly the terms you need. Check out our financing tab on this website for more information about your financing options.

We like some of the plans you build, but would want some substantial changes to make it work for us. Can you customize your plans?

Yes. Most of our plans are customizable, in fact, nearly 60% of our customers either have us modify a plan we have or create something new from scratch.  See our custom home tab for more information on this. Even if you have plans that you have acquired elsewhere, we are able to build exactly the home you desire in the location you choose.

We like a lot of amenities like elegant mouldings, large closets, and high end appliances in our kitchen. Are these things you typically provide?

Mouldings and trimwork are our specialty, and many we consider to be standards on our homes. Appliance preferences vary greatly, so we begin with a standard appliance “allowance” and modify our contracts based on your real choices.

Do you provide references? How can we know if your customers are happy with your work?

You will notice many references here on our website, in our promotional materials, and general information to positive comments made by our home-building customers. While we do not ask our customers to provide their contact information to field calls from people they do not know, we do keep a file of endorsements in our office and you are welcome to review them. We should note that some previous customers have even asked us to build a second home for them.

Do you provide warranties? What about service after the sale?

Absolutely our work is warrantied.

Harrington stands firmly behind every square inch of the homes it builds. If you require service on any portion of your new home after you have moved in, we will be there as soon as possible to take care of it.

Different areas of any project are affected differently, and we will provide you with detailed warranty information during the contract period.

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